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FC joins the MadPea Summer Hunt 2018

This summer, the Faery Crossing will take part in the MadPea Summer Hunt! This is a grid-wide hunt organized by MadPea Productions where you can win amazing prizes by gathering hidden seashells all over the grid.

The hunter package includes a radar which will help you locate the sea shells.

The hunt begins on June 13th! When it starts, we will publish a SLURL to the hunt start location.

Magic Messenger Submissions Requested ~ Deadline Postponed

Hi everyone!

Sadly, we have had no submissions for the summer edition of the Magic Messenger. We are extending the deadline to June 17, in the hope you will be able to submit some story, poem, joke, or other creative work.

The suggested themes are Summer and Oceans.

Please send submissions inworld to Bugs Larnia or Tealkie Resident, or e-mail them directly to

Submission guidelines are available on request (and printed in previous issues of the Messenger)

Linden Labs Unveils New Features for SL15!

Hi everyone!

It’s SL’s 15th birthday this year and what a journey it’s been!

And it’s about to get more exciting still! Linden Labs have unveiled new (and recurring) features they have implemented or will implement in the near future!

Among there is – hold on to your buttocks – the return of last names!! (dun dun DUNNNNNN)

Linden Labs will soon make it possible to customize your last name. So now all you Resident types will have to go through the same arduous process us Ancients went through and pick a last name that suits you (or something utterly random).

For a full overview of new features and other cool stuff: click here

Spring Equinox Weekend in the Faery Crossing

This weekend is the Spring Equinox celebration in The Faery Crossing. Come and help welcome spring with ritual, song, dance, stories and more!

The weekend kicks off on Friday with a special building class at 11.00am SLT and will follow on Saturday with the Equinox Triad. On Sunday, we will have a ritual followed by a wonderful dance to the tunes of master DJ Astoria!

For a full overview view the calendar on this site (click here) or our Google Calendar (click here).

See you there!!!

Daylight Saving Time

Hi everyone,

Please note that the US (including SL) have gone to daylight saving time today. This means they are one hour closer to the EU and other folk who go over to DST at the last weekend of March.

Please keep that in mind when planning to attend events.

Traditionally, the Moonday Dances will remain at the EU friendly time of 21.00 EU (20.00 UK) and so will be at 1.00pm SLT instead of noon. However, please keep an eye on notices for any schedule changes.

Get Your Piece of the Faery Crossing

So you have wandered the Faery Crossing and you like it? Well, this is your chance to live there!

We currently have several wonderful seaside parcels available in rustic Faerie Mere. Faerie Mere is located directly north of the Faery Crossing sim, so it’s just a short walk to the market, the Plucked Wing or the Mushroom Circle.

Interested? Click this link to contact Julius Forwzy: Contact Julius

Yule Edition of the Magic Messenger is out now!

Hi eveyone!

We are happy to announce that the Yule edition of the Magic Messenger is out now! Wonderful stories, poems and information about our lands at the tip of your fingers.

Click here to read it now!

With many thanks to the wonderful Magic Messenger team who work so hard each time to get a new edition to you in time. And of course to all the contributors who go out of their way to make up and provide new content for all of us to read.

Now, I’m off to read it! Cheerio!

Special FC Yule Event, December 2017

The Faery Crossing is sponsoring a Yule gift giving event.
Everyone is invited to set out a snowman (or a wrapped present) that, when touched, will give a greeting to the one who touched it, and will also give them presents.

In the weekend of December 9th-10th you will have five opportunities to take a building class to make the gift-giving snowman. Between December 12th and 22nd, there will be a series of building classes on how to make various gifts to give away.

Schedule is listed below and on the FC Calendar.

Put out your gift-giving snowman (or wrapped present) by Saturday, December 23rd. Then starting Sunday, December 24th, folks will be invited to wander the Welcome Center area, touching snowmen and presents to collect their gifts from the faeries. The snowmen and presents will be left out through January 7th.


  1. Only snowmen or wrapped gift packages may be left out as givers. Maximum land impact of 10;
  2. The Givers must use the following script. This script IMs the person who touches the Giver with the message that is typed in the object description, and then gives everything in its contents;
  3. You can put as many gifts into contents as you wish. Just be sure all of them have copy permission;
  4. The Givers are to be placed on the Welcome Center parcel on Faery Crossing out on the grass/snow, but not inside the Welcome Center, by Christmas Eve (December 23rd).…/The%20Faery%20Crossi…/169/91/26 ;
  5. Leave your Giver out until January 7th. If you do not retrieve it on the 8th, it will be returned to you shortly thereafter.

If you have questions, please contact Qim Toxx!

All classes and office hours will be held in the FC Building Bubble.…/The%20Faery%20Cros…/130/170/185

Snowman building class schedule:

  • Dec 9th, 9.00 am SLT
  • Dec 9th, 12.00 pm (noon) SLT
  • Dec 9th, 6.00 pm SLT
  • Dec 10th, 8:30 am SLT
  • Dec 10th, 4.00 pm SLT

Gift making class schedule:

  • Dec 12th, 8:30 am SLT: mug of cocoa;
  • Dec 12th, 5.00 pm SLT: mug of cocoa;
  • Dec 14th, 10.00 am SLT: winter pyjamas;
  • Dec 14th, 5.00 pm SLT: winter pyjamas;
  • Dec 16th, 9.00 am SLT: tree ornament;
  • Dec 16th, 6.00 pm SLT: tree ornament;
  • Dec 20th, 5.00 pm SLT: Yule bracelet;
  • Dec 20th, 6.00 pm SLT: Office Hour for help on your giver or gifts;
  • Dec 22nd, 9.00 am SLT: Yule bracelet;
  • Dec 22nd, 10.00 am SLT: Office Hour for help on your giver or gifts;
  • Dec 22nd, 7.00 pm SLT: Office Hour for help on your giver or gifts.