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Out Now: Autumn Edition of The Magic Messenger

The sky is gray and cloudy and the rain is soaking the world; winds buff the treetops and the branches creak as their leaves play tag in mid-air.

You sit on your porch with a blanket and a cup of tea, reading the Autumn Edition of the Magic Messenger and all is well with the world as you quietly but contently thank the contributors and staff.

Happy reading.

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Help us make the Autumn Messenger Awesome!

Hi you wonderful scribblers!
We hope you enjoyed the summer Messenger! We did!
In fact, we are already preparing for the autumn Messenger, but since the Messenger is for Fae by Fae, we can’t do this without your help!
So please send us your scribblings, photos, recipes, anecdotes, jokes, stories, poems, and whatever else you can think of.  If you need some inspirational themes to get you started, we suggest Autumn and Witchcraft for this issue.
We need you!
And don’t for a moment think that your work is not good enough or not worthy enough to be published, because it *is* and we’d love to help you share it.
Please send your submissions to Bugs Larnia inworld or via e-mail to
The deadline is September 19th, so you have a few weeks.

The Magic Messenger Autumn Edition is Out Now

Merry meet!

With all the strange things going on in the world right now, we are extra happy to be able to deliver to you the autumn edition of The Magic Messenger.  Dream away with stories and the beautiful images, soak up knowledge, and enjoy the magical world of our Fae.

Enough talk now. Click here to go directly to The Magic Messenger and read.

Missed an issue: click here to go to the overview and read any issue you want!

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Before we leave you to your perusal, we would like to once again thank our contributors and our wonderful staff of Dawn Greymyst, Astoria Luminos and Bugs Larnia for bringing us this issue.

Happy reading!!

The Magic Messenger Needs You

Hi everyone!

While Summer is still in full swing, we at The Magic Messenger are already working on the Autumn issue. But we need your help. The Messenger has always been by the Fae, for the Fae. Without you all, there is no Messenger.

So please send us your long and short stories.

Send us your poems and your limericks.

Send us your art.

Send us your recipes for food and drink.

Send us your jokes.

Send us your spirit and enable us to share it.

Don’t think it’s not good enough; it is.

Don’t think others aren’t interested; we are.

Don’t be shy; you rock.

Please help us make the Messenger as special as the people we make it for. You can send your contributions to Bugs Larnia inworld or, if you prefer, via email to If you want to publish anonymously, that’s fine. Just let us know.

Looking forward to your magic.

Happy scribbling,

The Magic Messenger staff.