Whether you wish to study the Faery Lore, learn the trade of building and scripting or wish to train as a Faery Crossing helper, then the FaeWay Academy of Education, or F.A.E., is your first stop. F.A.E. is the main education center of the Faery Crossing and consists of three Schools with a wide variety of subjects.

The School of Lore is the school which teaches knowledge under the administration of its Dean, Julius Forwzy.

The School of Good Neighbours is the school that trains Faery Crossing helpers. The Deans of the School of Good Neighbors are Bugs Larnia and Meadow Copperfield.

The School of Skills teaches practical Second Life skills. This can include anything from building and scripting to SL photography, clothing design, custom avatars, inventory management, land stewardship, and more. The Dean of the School of Skills is Qim Toxx. Classes are announced via Faery Crossing notice and are listed on the Faery Crossing calendar.

Gabe’s Scripting Kiosks
There are two locations in The Faery Crossing with a “self help” kiosk which contains 11 scripting tutorials. Feel free to go through these tutorials at your own pace. For each tutorial, there are slides with local chat text to view, notes to keep, and a project to do that uses the concepts described in the tutorial.

Scripting Office Hour continues to meet at noon each Friday to answer scripting questions in an informal environment. There will be periodic “live” classes to summarize scripting concepts presented in the tutorials.