Faery Crossing Lands

The Lands

The Dark Side of Faerie consists of the east side of the Crossing and surrounding land… These dark enchanted woods attract all manner of wood sprites, fauns, naiads or tree faeries, woodland elves, faerie witches and hags, wolves, bears, and ravens. Occasionally rogue faeries find their way to the crossing through the dark side.

The South side of the Crossing and the surrounding isles constitute the Light Side of Faerie, home to the lighthearted and whimsical Faerie Folke and garden Fae and Mer, attracted to the rolling wildflower meadows and balmy tropics.

The Middle Road to Faerie can be found in lands to the North. Gentle Faelfs, humans with open hearts, and all fantasy creatures are welcome to live in harmony here.

Aetheria is a village of islands: the ordinary, separated by deep waterways and the fantastic, suspended above the ground by magic, interconnected by bridges and climbing ropes. This is the domain of Fae who like the open air and the deep water. Natural and open styles, such as temples and tree houses and luscious gardens are often seen here, but a rocky coastal aesthetic and mer areas are welcome as well.

Faerie MereFaerie Mere is a forested area, interspersed by small brooks each originating from the central spring-fed lake. Bordering the dark and mysterious, this land favours both rich colours and deep greens and blues. Trees and shrubbery are often seen so as to keep the Faeries exploring there wondering what they’ll see after the next patch of green.

Madrigal consists of Mediterranean gardens and waterfront parcels suitable for Merfolk. Cottages, gardens, wildflower meadows, gazebos, waterfront caves and grottoes and seaside dwellings are all suitable builds. There are some ancient temple ruins lying about, and continuation of this theme is also encouraged.

Milis Muirnin is a place of rugged beauty and hidden places. From the tops of the tree-covered mountains to the gently lapping waters of the lake, peace and quiet enjoyment are carried by the winds in this land of quiet love.

It is often said that where Milis Muirnin represents the Faery Crossing’s natural beauty and Faerie Mere its chaotic joy, so Woodhenge is the place where the Ancient Memories are kept. This land exudes the quiet wisdom and old memory that reverberates through the ages. An ancient Druid’s grove lies in an old forest under the never ending protection of the single mountain peak rising up from its mysterious waters. Tread carefully here, because you walk on the Memory of the Fae.

Points of interest

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