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Qim Toxx: Storyteller at Fantasy Faire

Fantasy Faire gets a storyteller from the Faery Crossing. Our very own Qim Toxx will be telling stories at the Fantasy Faire LitFest on May 3rd at 4pm SLT.

“I will be telling a series of folktales, with animals as protagonists, in which they confront fear. Folktales hold our collective wisdom, so they can nurture us and offer counsel. Hopefully you will enjoy these folktales from around the world. But I also hope these tales help us all to meet the unknown tomorrows on our own terms.”

— Qim Toxx

If you want to attend this event, go to Fungalmire or use this SLURL to teleport directly.

See you there!

FC Winter Wonderland Prize Hunt

Merry meet!

Those darned pixies have stolen the FC Winter Wonderland prize. Our brave Protectors have traced them to this Winter Wonderland parcel before losing the trail and they are positive that the prize is hidden there.

Unfortunately, the pixies also seem to have left around a ton of decoys, and so we need your help to recover the prize. In the area of the skating rink, you will find – if you look hard enough – little FC baubles. If you get close enough and you click them, you will find out whether you have found the prize or have located a decoy.

The hunt begins here:

Here follows an artist’s rendition of one of the baubles. Banana for scale.

Wild Bauble

Trail Rides

All about the magical lands of The Faery Crossing are hidden nooks and glens. Come enjoy a closer encounter with all there is to experience as we traverse the lands on horseback.

Free Horse Rezzer to the right of the Faery Crossing Welcome Center: Click here for slurl

Weekly trail rides: Tuesdays at 11.00am SLT and Fridays at 6:30 pm (18:30) SLT.

At the trail ride events we show you the basics of how to rez your free horse, how to use the menu, and then take a little stroll together. We will learn to use the Follow menu command leaving you hands free to type and chat along the trail with newfound friends!

New activity in Faery Crossing! HORSEBACK RIDING

As of now, there is a free horse rezzer next to the FC Welcome Center.  Just touch the horse and choose the type of horse you want. If you can’t decide, touch the sign and you will get a picture of all the choices, listed from tiny ponies to huge Clydesdales.

When you choose a horse, it will rez and you will be sitting on it. Turn your AO off. You get a HUD that let’s you control your activity, speed, and many other things, or you can just use the arrow keys on your keyboard to keep it simple.

Ride the paths of Faery Crossing. To get from island to island, use the fords, or just wade into deep water (and watch the fun animation). Form a faery rade by choosing to “follow” another horse rider – you can sit back and enjoy the view!

If you ‘stand’, your horse will wait patiently for a short time in case you want to get back on or have it follow you or lead it. If you don’t follow up with a new activity, it will eventually disappear.
You can always go back and get another horse!

Happy trails!

Casting Call!

Merry meet!

The Faery Crossing Productions is putting on a play! We will be performing “Queen of the Underworld”; a play based on Greek myth and the reason for Joanne’s wardrobe.

This will be a play by Fae, for Fae, so we need YOU.  We will need actors (obviously), background cast, scenery artists, people with an abundance of sounds in their inventory, scripting peeps, and anything you might think would contribute.

Don’t be shy. If you’ve ever played pretend when you were a kid, you have more experience than we do.

Please contact Joanne Pevensey for more information.


We Need Your Brain

No. There’s no zombie apocalypse (mainly due to a scheduling conflict), but the High Faery Court and the Events Team want to pick your brain. Over time, The Faery Crossing has hosted numerous events: dances, Faelympics, quests, quizzes, and whatnot.

Now, we want to hear your ideas for new and exciting events. What would you like to see in FC? A fair? A new quest? Lessons on things like druidry or Fae lore?

It can be a weekly or monthly event, a yearly one or even a one-off. Anything that makes your inner Fae sparkle with giddiness. And while you can of course help host the event (with all help you require) or be involved in its creation, this is in no way an obligation.

If you have an idea, submit it to Jo Shamrock of the Events Committee. Don’t be shy, all contributions are much appreciated.

Click here to open Jo’s Second Life profile (will open your viewer if it’s not open)

Or use the suggestion form below: