Faerie Mere is where life begins. From the center of the land, the Wellspring bubbles up the clearest, most magical water that spreads through rivers, brooks and streams to the furthest corner, bringing with it joy, spirit, new life and magic.

Faerie Mere in Summer
Beautiful Faerie Mere in Summer

This life can be seen in every corner. From lush forests, to wildflower fields exploding with color, Faerie Mere gives you life and magic in its raw, undefined chaos. And as all lands so touched by magic and life, change is the only constant in Faerie Mere. It changes with the seasons, it changes with the weather, it changes with every whim and impulse of the Fae living there.

The hallmark of Faerie is that it is always in flux. Even time does not run as it would in the human lands. Living in Faerie Mere is living in the heart of Faerie. You will feel the gentle touch of chaos and joy in all its forms.

The ecstatic tension of a dark forest, the pure energy of the wind rolling through the high grass, Faerie Mere is truly Fae land among Fae lands.

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