The Faery Crossing and Covid-19

Dear Fae,

By now, the term Covid-19 is known to everyone in the world. Many countries have taken the steps that they deem right for their situation, but everywhere, people suffer of this virus. This is not limited to those who have contracted it and have fallen ill, but also to their friends and loved ones and, of course, to the valiant medical professionals who are working so hard to help all of us.

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Corona Virus Healing Rituals, every Monday and Friday

The Druids of the Second Realm, a seed group of the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids, will be performing healing rituals every Monday and Friday for the foreseeable future.

They will be on Mondays at 12.00pm (noon) and Friday at 4.00 pm SLT. Everyone is welcome to watch or join in. If you wish to perform in the ritual, please contact Qim Toxx inworld.

Daylight Saving Time in SL

Hi Faeries!!

As of tomorrow, most of the US (and therefore SLT) will go on daylight saving time. This means that SLT, as of tomorrow, 2am SLT, will be one hour later. Please keep this in mind when attending events.