Dear Fae,

By now, the term Covid-19 is known to everyone in the world. Many countries have taken the steps that they deem right for their situation, but everywhere, people suffer of this virus. This is not limited to those who have contracted it and have fallen ill, but also to their friends and loved ones and, of course, to the valiant medical professionals who are working so hard to help all of us.

Aside these scrubbed heroes, there are so many others who deserve our respect, be it the police and firefighters why try to keep us safe, the retail staff who put themselves at risk so the rest of us can get food and other essentials, the politicians and civil servants who, nationally, regionally and locally, try to keep society running amidst these ever changing circumstances, and so many others.

Please help keep yourselves and them safe. Do this by staying home when you can and by maintaining adequate distance if you have to go out. Do this by being kind to these people, who do their level best. Do this by being at your best – even, no especially when it’s hard, when you’re tired and fed up.

And while you may need to stay home, please seek each other out in other ways. Talk to your loved ones, your friends, your neighbors. On your phone, via WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, E-mail, and, of course, in Second Life. We are here. Your friends, your acquaintances, people you have yet to meet for the first time: we are here.

Stay safe. Stay healthy. Stay together in spirit. Take care of yourself, and each other.

Love & Light,

The High Faery Court

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