Some say that the land of Ravenfirth started with one little inn that suddenly appeared out of the mists one day. They say that, as time passed, the homely, yet enigmatic nature of the inn began to affect the lands around it, until every corner breathed that air of barely concealed mystery. A layer of calm and beautiful nature, draped over…. something older. Something deeper.

Whether there is any truth to those stories, none now can say. All we know that for as long as anyone remembers, the little Raven’s Inn has sat there, in the center of the land. Whatever the truth may be, Ravenfirth breathes history. When you walk across that land, your feet tread upon old ground that holds old stories.

The air you breathe is the freshness of a new spring clinging to the memory of winter and upon the wind you can almost make out the ancient tales that the trees whisper to each other. And from the corner of your eye, you may sometimes see the shadow of ancient ravens that vanish when your gaze is drawn toward them. Seen, yet unseen, they fly upon unknown missions.

Today, in between the sparse trees, you can see the warm and cozy houses typical of the Far North, where the land is white and the world’s breath cold. These hardy Fae have come down to the slightly warmer climes and placed here there dwellings and their groves. Dip your feet (or your head) in icy fresh brooks coming down from their hilly springs and enjoy the rustic world of the Ravens.

If you are feeling adventurous and want to visit Ravenfirth inworld, the by all means, get out your walking stick, click here, and be ready to go….. on an adventure!

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