To Meadow: thank you for everything

Today, after over a decade of loyal service, our favored Merry Meeter and Gateway Guide, Meadow Copperfield (a.k.a. Meadow Tiogar) signed out for the last time, leaving behind a legacy of joy, tremendous fun and dedication, and countless marriage proposals.

Meadow arrived in SL in 2009 in, yes, The Faery Crossing Gateway. Even then, when that first incarnation of the Gateway was limited to 30-day-olds and younger, she was there every day and at the end, we had to drag her, kicking and screaming, to the lands below.

From that moment on I knew 100% certain I wanted her to be a Meeter and Guide and boy was I right. From the first moment her enthusiasm, drive, and joy set her apart in a group that was the definition of enthusiasm, drive, and joy in those days.

Over the years, Meadow has served many roles, including Protector, Brownie, and as member of the High Faery Court, but none defined her as much as being a Gateway Guide. Literally hundreds of Fae took their first tentative steps into SL under Meadow’s cheerful and patient wings and many of them are still here and have never forgotten that wonderful first experience.

No words can ever express the gratitude we owe you, dear Meadow. You were the best of Meeters and the joy and soul of the Gateway Guides.

For the past few years, Meadow has been busy in her shop Meadow’s Whimsy in Mountain Rose and has been – and still is – an active merchant (and trophy winner) in various well-known grid-wide hunts. She will no doubt continue doing that and we wish her all the joy she has given so many.

From many Fae, some here, some no longer,

Thank you.

Your friend,




Each season Faery Crossing is decorated with dozens of benches on which you can rest awhile as you explore the lands. Right now you can wander about and settle on autumn benches and swings, and take lovely snapshots to remember your travels. Some benches are along well beaten paths – others are in quiet spots far from the busy lanes.

This weekend we are starting a weekly hunt… “The Benches of Faery Crossing”. A picture of the special bench each week will be posted.

Wander about and if you find the special bench, save your location coordinates. Don’t share this with anyone else! A different bench will be posted each weekend for you to find. At the end of the season you will be given a chance to send in your list as an entry to our Benches of FC Contest. The top ten scorers will get a prize.

But you don’t have to wait until the end of the season to win something! One of the special benches each month will harbor a gift hidden somewhere on or near the bench, and EVERYONE who finds the hidden FC gift box will get the gift by touching the box.

For more details see in-world group notices.

Happy exploring!!