Welcome to Northern Lights, our winter wonderland! Wander and enjoy the beauty, grab a treat at several shops, or warm yourself in one of the cabins. Bring your friends!

On January 2nd we will have the Northern Lights Skate Race from noon to 2pm SLT.
Contestants will wear a special star on their head (available at the start gate), don a pair of skates (free ones available at the landing point), and start skating! Follow the blue snowflakes embedded in the ice to the finish gate.
When you finish your elapsed time will be given to you in local chat.
During the actual race on the 2nd, Moz McGinnis will collect finish times and distribute the prizes while DJ Shay spins us some tunes.

Practice any time you want – the course is open!
Good luck, have fun!

~ Qim Toxx and Moz McGinnis


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