Walking through Madrigal, there is no place where your skin is not warmed by the gentle glow of the sun. If Summer were ever to settle down, it would be in this land of green grass and white beaches. Entering from the north, I come through a peaceful hamlet where Fae are busy watering their plants or lounging around the central pond. They greet me and wave merrily as I pass. Looking to the east, I see a temple on a hill, content under the shadow of the majestic white castle over in The Faery Crossing.

The Song of Summer

I walk south, just skirting the temple and pass an ancient amphitheater, its white stones still shining in the sun as they have for…. for how long? I imagine the plays and songs performed there through the ages and as I awake from my reverie, I find myself on a three-way bridge. A fork in the road. How like Faerie this bridge is. I take a course at random and after some wandering, come upon a great lagoon, where I can just make out the top of a structure poking out from the gently lapping waves.

As I gaze over the water, a glint and movement catch my eye. I look and I see the sun reflecting off the shiny mermaid’s tail as she gracefully dives back under the water. I am intrigued and take a deep breath. I dive into the water, which is delightfully warm, yet refreshing as a spring rain. As I open my eyes, I witness the underwater realm of the Mer. They come up to me and for a moment I am worried I am trespassing. But no; they touch my head and a bubble forms and suddenly I find myself able to breathe and my vision cleared and I witness the magic beneath the waves.

After dancing merrily with the Mermaids, my eyes are suddenly drawn westward, where a huge whale passes idly by in the neighboring waters of Woodhenge. After saying my goodbyes, I swim westward, to new adventures.

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