Each season The Faery Crossing is decorated with dozens of places to sit where you can rest awhile as you explore the lands. You can wander about and settle on summer benches, chairs, and swings, and take lovely snapshots to remember your travels. Some seating is along well beaten paths – others are in quiet spots far from the busy lanes.

Each Friday a picture of a special bench, chair, or swing in The Faery Crossing will be posted in group notices, on our Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/TheFaeryCrossing), and on our website (thefaerycrossing.com).  No hints other than the picture 🙂

Any time during the weekend and following week, wander about and if you find the special bench, have a seat. Look around for a Faery Crossing box (decorated with the FC Standard- The Lady of Shallott). Every special bench will harbor the FC box for a week.

Touch the gift box. You will receive a gift from Faery Crossing (a new, seasonal gift each month) AND you will be automatically entered into the Benches of Faery Crossing Contest. For each weekly bench box that you touch you will get a point.

For summer we are spreading our wings! The special benches will be chosen in The Faery Crossing AND Madrigal! So make sure you wander both sims:)

Participate in our hunt as often as you can, because at the end of the summer season you will be automatically entered in our Benches of FC Contest. The top scorers will get grand prizes the weekend of Lughnasadh (the beginning of our Autumn Harvest season).

So check for postings each weekend for a picture of that week’s special bench, find it, touch the FC box for a gift AND to be entered into The Benches of Faery Crossing Contest automatically!

Happy exploring!!!

Here is the first Summer Bench hint:

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