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Winners of the Autumn Benches of Faery Crossing Hunt

We have THREE winners for the Autumn Benches of Faery Crossing Hunt!
Moяgaииaђ Nэҗэn Saиµяa
Chi Sanura
Moonkyst Firelight

Congratulations! Your prize is a Hextraordinary Romping Reindeer companion! Please contact Qim Toxx when you are in world so she can pass you your prize!

Don’t forget, we are now in the season of the Winter Benches of Faery Crossing Hunt! Watch for the postings of the special bench of the week, find it and touch the FC box. You will get a gift AND be    automatically entered into the Hunt. The top 10 scorers (1 point for each special bench found by February 1st) will receive a prize!

Happy Hunting!

The Winter Benches of Faery Crossing Hunt has begun!

Each weekend a picture of a special bench in The Faery Crossing will be posted. No hints other than the picture 🙂
Any time during the weekend and following week, find the special bench and look around for a Faery Crossing box (decorated with the FC Standard- The Lady of Shallott). Every special bench will harbor the FC gift for a week.
Touch the gift box. You will receive a gift from Faery Crossing (a new, seasonal gift each month) AND you will be automatically entered into the Benches of Faery Crossing Contest. For each weekly bench gift that you find you will get a point.
A different bench will be posted each weekend for you to find, and it will remain the special bench until the following Friday.
Do this every week and at the end of the season you will be automatically entered in our Benches of FC Contest. The top ten scorers will get a prize.
So watch for postings each weekend for a picture of that week’s special bench, find it, and search all around it for an FC box. Touch the box for a gift AND to be entered into The Benches of Faery Crossing Contest automatically!
Happy exploring!!!
Bright Blessings,
Qim Toxx and Moz McGinnis
Here is a picture of Winter Bench #1

Third and Final Autumn FC Bench! Contest entries are being accepted!

It’s the third and final week of the Benches of Faery Crossing Hunt: Autumn Season!  Here is the picture of Autumn Bench #3. Find it, sit, and record your location. Since this is the last bench of the autumn season (next week the winter benches will be in place), it is time to send in your entry for the FC Autumn Bench contest! Create a notecard with your name, and include the three special autumn bench locations.  Send the notecard to Qim Toxx.  The top 10 entries will receive cash prizes of 500L$ each! And don’t forget to look all around Bench #3 for a Faery Crossing box. It contains a special autumn prize for everyone who finds it.

Get those entries in by December 10th!