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Heed well these words, young Sprite, for they alone will be your guide among the many paths that lead through Faery Crossing…

“At all crossings a choice must be made… follow the well worn path into the Lighter Side of Faery, follow the hidden path into the Dark Side, the Shadow Side of Faery, or take the Middle Road of Mildness as the Sidhe Fae do.”

The Faery Crossing has a small magical village ambience. Cottages, huts, medieval homes, magical caves, grottos, gypsy encampments, and other fantasy homes are welcome.

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Live at The Faery Crossing

Make your home with us in Second Life and enjoy life the faery way!

The Faery Crossing is a fantasy themed land with a strong emphasis on Faerie and its denizens, the Fae. Made up of various interconnected regions, The Faery Crossing is governed by a body known as the High Faery Court. In addition to the the main Faery Crossing group, many official Faery Crossing subgroups exist to support the various roles needed to operate our lands and society. We have Gateway Guides to help newborns; Merry Meeters to greet and inform visitors and explorers; Brownies to help keep the lands pristine; and Protectors to attend to disturbances of the peace.

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