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Daylight Saving Time

Hi everyone,

Please note that the US (including SL) have gone to daylight saving time today. This means they are one hour closer to the EU and other folk who go over to DST at the last weekend of March.

Please keep that in mind when planning to attend events.

Traditionally, the Moonday Dances will remain at the EU friendly time of 21.00 EU (20.00 UK) and so will be at 1.00pm SLT instead of noon. However, please keep an eye on notices for any schedule changes.

The Magic Messenger Autumn Edition: Out Now!

The autumn edition of the Magic Messenger is out now! Full of stories, poems, knowledge and information on many wonderfully autumn-themed digital pages, it is simply a joy to read.

To read it online, you can click the link in this post, or your can click the Magic Messenger logo on the navigation pane of the website to go to an overview of all online Messengers.

Click here to go to the autumn edition